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Learn how to become a better DFS player today.

Quickly make the best PrizePicks picks with the Optimizer by simply hitting a refresh button. The Optimizer shows you the sharpest bets based on professional linesmakers' lines set throughout the industry.

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How it Works


The optimizer updates each line and DFS site line every minute. All you have to do is refresh the page and the Optimizer loads in each major Sportsbook odds and directly compares it with DFS sites’ lines.

Find out the sharpest bets in the industry, instantly.

Sorting by the % odds to hit column optimizes the best best odds overall for each player prop to go over or under for that specific player prop.

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Playing DFS just became this much easier.

Let the linesmakers pick the sharpest plays for you.

DFS Cheat Sheets

Our cheat sheets include

Ownership Projections




What Others Are Saying

Do people actually win money on draftkings?

Yes! Nearly 17% of people playing win money on Draftkings month to month. 5% of those people win money year over year, but, they have to have the right strategies, tools, and mindset to stay profitable.

What tools do DFS Pros use?

They use a combination of many different tools. These tools have player stats, ownership projections, projections, and optimizers to help gain an edge over the field.

How do I optimize lineups?

After signing up for a membership, we load industry average projections and custom projections into our optimizers. With the click of a button, you can generate as many lineups as you want using those projections.

What is the best Draftkings Optimizer?

We have one of the easiest optimizers to use in the industry that covers all slates on draftkings including showdown slates, turbo slates and classic slates.

How do I become a better DFS player?

We have all the tools to take your game to the next level and make money. We cover not only the statistical side of DFS, but also the strategy side as well with the help of our interactive private discord chat and YouTube Videos.

What is a DFS optimizer?

The DGF DFS lineup optimizer uses latest daily projections to identify which combination of players would produce the greatest production in fantasy points at the lowest cost.