This game is always fun to watch due to the lack of defense on both sides. We know that these players are here to entertain, not compete. Because of that, the game usually favors your more athletic players to showcase their talents. Heavy volume shooters, expressive dunkers, and all around flashy players are put into the spot light….NBA wants to make as much money off of this, right?


You have to consider these things when putting a roster together…When you add in price tags, it changes the strategy from a DFS perspective. I have done a great amount of research today looking at previous all-star games and comparing the minutes that the players on each side should get plus their involvement in the game. I will say overall the price tags are very very very underpriced on the side of TEAM Durant when comparing them to LeBron’s. We also can expect the game to be close. At the end of the day, no one is trying to go all out in this game until the very last half of the 4th quarter. The spread is Team LeBron -5.5 and an O/U of 319.5.


I will prepare a summary of each player and what their involvement should look like tomorrow night:


Giannis: Is one of the more obvious plays on the slate. His minutes have been up and down over the past two all-star games and it’s really hard to gauge if he will be playing closer to 30 minutes than 20. BUT one thing is for certain, Giannis balls out in the all-star games. He received MVP last year in only 18 minutes. He historically is known for trying just a tad more than the rest of the field. Overall he will be one of the highest owned players.

Curry: Is a great heavy volume shooter in all-star games. I like him here in the starting lineup to replicate what he’s done in the past. He is always there to showcase his long range and one of the premier players in the league. My only hesitation is that there are plenty of great PGs on Team LeBron. I wouldn’t be shocked to see under 25 minutes from Curry. Regardless, he will carry great ownership.

LeBron: LeBron has continued to show that he is a horrible play in all-star games over the past 2 years. He seems to enjoy himself watching from the bench than he does actually playing the game. I really hesitate here with the minute upside compared to the price tag….Especially comparing him to some of the other pay-up options.

Embiid: My favorite pay-up option on the slate by far. If you take a look up and down the starting roster of Durant, he’s the ONLY guy with any size. He checks all the boxes for a great option in this game plus he played 29 minutes two years ago. He looks to be the most athletic center on this roster and should have no reason beating out Towns and Gobert for heavier minutes.

Doncic: Coming off the bench but played a crazy 32 minutes last NBA all-star game. Doncic is known for being passive in these games….No true upside here especially since his minutes are in question.

Jokic: Known for being passive in this game. Also not the sexiest player to showcase…I don’t like the minute upside at that price tag.

DeRozan: There’s a ton of question marks with DeRozan’s first all-star game. One thing is for certain, he is a volume shooter. I just don’t know how many shot attempts he will get in LeBron’s lineup. He’s certainly more of a GPP player but should get decent run assuming LeBron rides the bench again.

Jarrett Allen: No love really at all….Unless you’re getting different with a stud heavy lineup.

Jimmy Butler: Hasn’t played heavy minutes historically in these games. I have nothing to show he will be a great upside player tomorrow

Garland: I think Garland is the definition of boom or bust here. Talent wise he’s obviously no where near these other players he is playing with. But, if team LeBron decides to go small and he gets hot, he could easily be the slate breaker. I just don’t like the amount of players he is competing with for playing time.

Donovan Mitchell: One of my favorite values from team LeBron. Mitchell played a heavy dose of 28 minutes last year and shot 12 times. At a 6K price tag, I could easily see Mitchell being one of the boom players off the bench for LeBron.

CP3: Status is up in the air right now. If he was fully healthy, I would be all over CP3. Last year he played one of the most of any player in the All-star game. He is dealing with an injury that could limit his playing time in this game and Team LeBron has plenty of PGs to choose from. Still could be worth a shot in bigger gpps.

VanVleet: Not the most athletic player, but he is a volume shooter. The only thing that makes VanVleet an ok play is his price tag. Other than that I don’t see him having great minute upside.

Morant: I think it’s no secret that Morant is the most athletic player on this roster (if not the league). Even though it’s his first all-star game, I could see this being a boom game for someone of Morant’s caliber. I project him right now for 29 minutes.

Tatum: Only played 17 minutes last all-star game….BUT he shot the ball a team high 16 times last year. If he’s going to continue to shoot that much, sign me up for him at his price tag. Plus, he’s competing for playing time with Wiggins, Middleton, and Booker? I think.

Wiggins: Not even Wiggins’ price tag is appealing.

Trae Young: Trae shot the ball 10 times in 15 minutes 2 years ago….I don’t really see him doing well again especially with all the other heavy volume shooters with team Durant. At least not at his price tag.

LaMelo Ball: Is going to be a huge question mark….We know LaMelo can score. We also know he’s flashy…..But can you see him draining half court 3’s and attempting 360 dunks in this game? This is something we need to consider. How much will he show case his talent? I am skeptical personally especially paying $6400.

Booker: Played 18 minutes and only shot the ball 8 times 2 years ago. This is a completely different roster so I hope he gets more shot attempts but I definitely prioritize some other players over Booker. We also know Booker is JUST a shooter.

Gobert: No. The only thing that is appealing here is his price tag.

Middleton: Okay, I actually like this play. Middleton is only 4600. That is the main reason. But two years ago he got decent run playing 23 minutes. Not only that….He’s playing a similar role to Wiggins in this game. I think he could be line for another decent run in this all-star game.

Dejounte Murray: I will try to keep my bias out here because there’s no denying that Murray deserves to be here this year. Murray isn’t know for being a lights out shooter but is certainly athletic enough to showcase his talent in this game. I view him LaMelo, and Morant playing a similar type of role in this game tomorrow. With Murray being slightly higher priced than LaMelo, I do prefer LaMelo.

Towns: I would look at Towns if you’re trying to get some value. Towns historically hasn’t played too many minutes in all-star games but he’s only 4800. Overall just don’t like the upside:



I will be favoring TEAM Durant for all the reasons I already mentioned above. Durant’s price tags are just far too cheap when comparing them to LeBron’s. If this game stays relatively close, the value just far outranks the guys on LeBron. If you’re building, I would favor a 4/2 or 5/1 build with Team Durant. If you’re going with a 3/3 Build, at least make sure you’re getting a Durant CPT in there.


Plays I LOVE:







Value Plays I LOVE:



CP3 (If Healthy)





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