PrizePicks Picks Made Easy

Quickly make the best PrizePicks picks with the Optimizer by simply hitting a refresh button. The Optimizer shows you the sharpest bets based on professional linesmakers' lines set throughout the industry.


Extremely effective and reliable.

Proven to provide the best results and sharpest bets

Minute updates ensure the most accurate odds


Find out all useful information with the click of a button

Proven to provide the best results and +EV bets long-term

How it works.

- Load the Page

The optimizer updates each line and prizepick line every minute. All you have to do is refresh the page and the PrizePicks Optimizer loads in each major Sportsbook odds and directly compares it with Prizepicks’ lines.

- Sort by % Odds to Hit Column

Sorting by the % odds to hit column optimizes the best best odds overall for each player prop to go over or under for that specific player prop.

-Decide What You Want to Bet

If you want to watch one specific player or team, you also have the ability to sort by specific teams. Don’t like betting on specific prop types? No problem. You can also sort by stat type and get the best odds for that specific type.

Changing the industry.

Zion Meadows
Zion Meadows
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I hit 4/5 picks using the optimizer this weekend. It does work!
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Thanks to your new optimizer, I went 5/6 in the first game!!
2 Tall
2 Tall
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That optimizer is a game changer. This is the most I EVER won on Prize Picks before.

Stop Losing, Start Winning

Playing PrizePicks just became this much easier. Just let the linesmakers pick the sharpest plays for you. With this PrizePicks Optimizer, you can lock in the lines before they move and before others notice the softer lines. Now you just sit back and enjoy the games and watch the sharpest bets hit. Start betting like a linesmaker today.