Updates/Patch Notes

DGF website update 2/7/2023

– Added DFS site “Thrive Fantasy” as an optimizer. Access to this is included in the “All-Access” membership

Prizepicks NFL Optimizer Update/Patch 2/6/2023

Added Player Prop:

Prizepicks/Underdog Optimizer Update/Patch 1/28/2023
  • Fixed bug where specific props weren’t pulling the closest sportsbook line to the DFS site projection to compare odds.
All Optimizers Update/Patch 1/26/2023
  • Updated all optimizers to have “dark” styling opposed to our previous “light” styling.
  • Removed “Thrive Fantasy” Optimizers for following sports:
    – NBA
Prizepicks/Underdog Optimizer Update/Patch 1/23/2023
  • PrizePicks “All Sports” Optimizer Update:

    Temporarily Removed sports:
    – Tennis, Euro Basketball

  • Underdog Fantasy “All-Sports” Optimizer Update: 

    Added Sport:
    – CBB


Prizepicks/Underdog Optimizer Update/Patch 1/13/2023

– Fixed bug that would not show large enough “% Odds to change” for specific players with “NULL” or little historical prop data
– Added logic: IF “Player A” does not have more than 10 days of historical prop data, issue “Player A” to specific “Player tier” when other market projection = player prop projection. Example: If PJ Tucker is projected at .5 assists but we don’t have 10 day historical player data on how % change for player prop affects PJ Tucker for assists for the season, we will automatically assign him to a “player tier” of players that are set to .5 assists for that day. If that number = 10% (estimating for sake of simplicity) movement for every player assist that player tier gets, we’ll automatically assign tucker a standard deviation of 10% for every 1 assist discrepancy for Prizepicks/Underdog projection
– Adjusted math to show actual “% odds to hit” at whole numbers for Prizepicks/Underdog projection as opposed to “% odds to hit or Push” when there is a discrepancy. Example: If “Player A” has .5 discrepancy from Prizepicks/Underdog Projection to sportsbooks’ line, we will treat the poisson distribution/standard deviation and display the % odds to hit as if they are .5 off as opposed to showing % odds to hit as .5 off + % added push probability